John Mullin

Intuitive Energy Work

It has been John’s pleasure to have over 20 years of experience doing energy work. In his experience, he has found that energy work is amazingly focused, compassionate, respectful, and wise. No matter what you need — balancing, cleansing, clearing, an attunement, or an initiation – it is really about surrendering to the Divine You and the Truth of who you really are. John believes the energy is available to everyone. However, some people do not realize they can bring this energy in or have not learned to do it. John serves as a channel for this energy and brings it to you so that you may get a glimpse of who you really are. Each person’s session is unique and the results are based solely on the individual’s need and ability to trust and surrender to their own divinity.

Energy Healing
30 minutes – Heart Donation
60 minutes – sliding scale of $160 - $180
For sessions longer than 60 minutes, please consult the healer.
“Working With Energy” group
This interactive energy group offers an opportunity to both experience and try your hand at energy work. Join us in coming together as a community to share the divine light that shines in all of us. Whether you are new to the metaphysical world or a seasoned practitioner of a specific modality, John believes it’s time to come together to share our gifts and allow ourselves to receive and be supported. All levels of experience are welcome.
Group is held after hours at our Castro location. Please visit the Events page for dates and times offered.
Minimum $20 donation

Pre-registration required (415-861-6511)

Crystal Way Market Street

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 

12pm – 7pm

Book an Appointment:

415-861-6511 (Crystal Way Market)

Facebook: @JohnMullinIntuitiveEnergy