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Crystal of Loveur

Happy Valentine's Day! Our theme this month is all about LOVE! We know the importance of love, relationships and community and wanted to make this month's newsletter special for you as being part of our growing CRYSTAL WAY Community.

We're excited to be sharing some of these beautiful crystals with you, especially since they promote, enhance LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS, as well as provide heart healing, emotional balancing, and help to deepen intimacy.



From Top Right: ROSE QUARTZ, one of the universal love crystals that provides gentle love healing, self love awareness, unconditional love and peace, as well as has an affinity to the heart chakra energy center. Rose Quartz is also the crystal for this month's Crystal Meditation Class tonight (see below). Also pictured is the brilliant COBALTO CALCITE, one of our newest crystals that radiates deep love and joy. It is used for emotional healing with it's vibrant yet soft energy. Middle Right: RHODOCHROSITE, a powerful and deep self-love healing crystal and RHODONITE, a crystal that helps to balance the divine feminine within. They are known to both provide balancing and grounding in love and relationships and together they are known as yin and yang stones for lovers and help to heal the divine feminine and divine masculine within. Bottom Right: APOPHYLLITE & STILBITE, which are usually found together, provide longevity and nurturance in relationships. Apophyllite, the clearer geometric stone, helps create a good sacred container for love and relationships. Stilbite, with light pink or peach tones, is more yin and gentle in nature and helps to promote self-love and care. Center Left: COBALTO CALCITE with QUARTZ, pictured to amplify the power of the cobalto calcite.

We have other gemstones and crystals also geared for LOVE, like morganite, pink opal, pink tourmaline and much more! You are invited to come and browse and connect with our crystals, read more about them in our Crystal library, and even gift a LOVED one with a special token of your LOVE & APPRECIATION.

We have plenty of NEW AMAZING CRYSTALS, GEMS AND JEWELRY from our recent trip to Tucson, Arizona, at one of the world's biggest Crystal, Gem and Mineral Shows! Come by one of our Crystal Way locations to see the sparkling, rich and stunning new stock.

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